Series: Splunk TLS - Securing 8089

  • Linux Server (i.e. an old converted desktop running RHEL 8):
    - Internal Certificate Authority (internalCA), Splunk host, and all around bash box.
  1. Access/SSH to your Splunk Instance, and elevate/become the splunk user
  2. Navigate to your Splunk apps directory
    cd /opt/splunk/etc/apps
  3. Make a new directory, we’ll call it secure8089
    mkdir -p secure8089/{certs,local,metadata} && cd secure8089
  4. Fill out your app.conf and local.meta files with the boilerplate entries:
# metadata
export = system
# App.Conf
# App for securing port 8089 calls
cat ../webTLS/certs/splunkWeb.pem ../webTLS/certs/splunkWeb.key > certs/server.pem
enableSplunkdSSL = true
cliVerifyServerName = true
sslVerifyServerCert = true
sslRootCAPath = $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/secure8089/certs/homeCA.pem
serverCert = $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/secure8089/certs/server.pem



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